Thursday, 17 May 2012


Huh, I've been told off by S again. Apparently, I did not come across as happy in my last blog entry. So, just to re-iterate: I am very happy indeed and I'm glad we moved. I do miss my friends though, and Radio 4...

An update

Okay, so I've completely neglected this blog. (I actually forgot the title and had to look at past Facebook posts to find it. Huh.) I don't feel inspired; and as opposed to my previous cancer blog, I feel it doesn't really serve a purpose - except perhaps update friends and family in the UK of our goings on. Admittedly there have been many times that I have started writing but I just thought it all sounded so show-offy, and icky as a consequence. After all, why drone on about the hot weather and the weekends on the beach when the UK seems to be drowning?

But! I have been told off by S so here I am. I do promise to keep comments on the sunny weather to a minimum.

So, we're on our fifth week here and are more or less settled. We found a house to rent that we like (and is within our budget - for a third world country, housing in Manila is terribly expensive) but sadly, we cannot move in just yet. Because of said limited budget,we've had to make a couple of compromises: so the house we eventually chose needs quite a bit of cosmetic work. And sadly, they're still working on it. The advantage though is that I am in close contact with the contractor (the owner is paying for the work) so am able to direct him into what we'd like done. We have managed to move out of sister T's house though - thank you to the generosity of daughter N's godparents, who have an empty flat in a excellent part of town. Sometimes it pays to have friends in high places...

The children have settled into school and life here. All three seem to be managing very well with the slightly different curriculum and the harder Maths. E has been asked to join the school football team for an away game in Bangkok, N played quite a big role in a recent school play, whilst C is proving to be one of the more popular boys on campus. We have sadly not managed to organise Tagalog lessons for them; but that's definitely in the pipeline.

LH is enjoying his sabbatical - he is coaching football at the children's school (he is an FA-qualified coach) and has also offered to lecture at a graduate school in Manila. He has also been swimming and going to the gym. And until a couple of weeks ago, I was also on my way to getting fit. But sadly, a bunch of annoying hospital tests got in the way so it got sidelined. Hopefully, I'll find my mojo and get back into the swing of things next week.

The beach house is beautiful and we try to go every week - we pick up the children from school and head straight there. And that's all I'm saying about that. Oh, and boat's pretty cool too. Ha-ha.

Admittedly, it's not all wonderful here - there have been very hot days that I have found myself missing British weather, and the traffic is appalling. It can get very frustrating waiting for things to get done, but people just dont seem to be in any rush here. The communist system seems to be enforced when it comes to buying items and Internet shopping doesn't really exist. (I so miss Ocado.) And it can be expensive. But, I see my husband, and I see my children - and I see how much happier they are. I am less stressed as I have people helping me at home (currently a housekeeper, a cook and a driver). Which means that I find myself a more patient mother and a better partner. Oh and have I mentioned the massages?