Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A simple choice

Last week I had brunch with the loveliest S and L and we started to talk about a particular music teacher.  S and L (sounds like a strange sexual pursuit) mentioned that this teacher always feels that the current school he's at is 'the best school in the world'.  I fell silent at that point as I almost felt alluded to.

I suppose in a way, I am like Mr M - I'd like to think that wherever we find ourselves at the moment is the best place for us.  I'm not delusional; I don't believe that there is a perfect place - but certainly, the best for us, at that particular time, in our current circumstances. If it isn't, then surely we would leave.  Which is what we're doing now.  Which is what we did when the children moved school a couple of years ago.  Which is what I did when I left work.

We have choices; we can decide whether or not where we're at is a good place.  And if we make the decision that it isn't, we also have the choice to leave.  Whether it's a place, a school, a relationship or a job, no-one is forced to stay.  And if the consequences of leaving don't make the move worth it, then perhaps it's time to start counting our blessings and being thankful for all that we have instead of focusing on the things that we don't have.  Surely it would be much nicer to find yourself next to Mr M, waxing lyrical about where he's at, than Moaning Myrtle, complaining about where she's not.

There is a possibility that the Philippines will not work for us; I may miss cheese too much - but should that happen, we can always move again.

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